All my friends…

“All” my friends are buying houses and having babies and I’m like… well I’m so happy for them!

Receiving their cheerful news fills me with joy. They wanted a house and got one? Awesome! They wished for a child of their own and got one? Amazing! They sacrificed everything for their next career move? Good on them!

Sure, I reflect on my own life. Childless. Somewhat homeless. In between jobs and starting new studies. But that was my choice. I can either feel sorry for myself for not being “where I should be” at my age or be happy that I and the people around me are making dreams come true. I can either resent my friends for “leaving me and the lifestyle” I still adopt or be happy that I and the people I love are independent and able/willing to listen to our hearts.

Yes, “all” my friends are building family homes or settling in some way and I’m like… living in backpacks hesitating about adopting a dog or even buying a plant. But I don’t get the hype of complaining about this, or turning it into a supposedly funny meme. It’s happy people living their happy lives each in their own way. And it’s friends loving friends and what they achieve. Period.


  1. Johanne Desjardins

    J’aime beaucoup la façon que tu écris je peux dire que tu m’impressionne toujours dans toutes tes pensées, tes idées et ton bel imagination
    Continue à apprendre à te connaitre à ce que tu aimes et à ce que tu n’aimes pas
    Je t’aime

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