Hair, my Hair, not Yours

Unruly, thick and frizzy is my hair. But smooth and light is what I like… And so often, I put up a fight. I do not fight my curls for vanity. Nor because of society. And I do not fear others’ thoughts and others’ preferences. In fact my love doesn’t care. Only, I do. And … [Read more…]

Travel Greed

We arrived and fell in love with the small town. We fell in love with its beaches and food and sun and rhythm and lifestyle. We slowly adapted and settled into a new routine. We thought we had everything we needed. We thought it was everything we were looking for. And when the want for … [Read more…]

Which Freedom to Choose

You’ve made it. You took the step needed to head towards your dreams. You already feel free and are facing so many options. Best of all, you are free to choose any of these options. You could start something new. Or develop something old. Explore hidden talents. Or make the most of what you’re already good … [Read more…]

A Love Letter

I love you. But I love me too. And I’m independent. And I don’t need you. I must remain this way as to not lose your admiration, your attraction. I must love with all my heart yet not give my heart away. I must stay strong and rely on myself alone. But I’m in love … [Read more…]