When Travel Blurs into Life

Ah the satisfaction of emptying our suitcases for more than a couple days! I look around and already feel at home. Here, it’s worth carefully choosing a purpose for each drawer… worth taking out all of our books and organizing them on the shelf… worth finding somewhat of a permanent spot for our toothbrushes. Time … [Read more…]

Date Night in Paradise

I proceed to clearing my skin off any traces of sand. I carefully trim my eyebrows and truly attempt to arrange my unruly, but freshly cleaned, hair. I search through the far pockets of my backpack and find some bronzer, some concealer, which I apply lightly. Then some perfume… Old actions that were repeated so … [Read more…]

The Night Before You Stole From Me

If you think something strongly enough of someone, of a place, they will prove you right. And the night before you stole from me, I said I didn’t want to spend time in your city. That I didn’t want to trust people around where you live. Because I believed something bad would happen. I believed … [Read more…]

Travel Greed

We arrived and fell in love with the small town. We fell in love with its beaches and food and sun and rhythm and lifestyle. We slowly adapted and settled into a new routine. We thought we had everything we needed. We thought it was everything we were looking for. And when the want for … [Read more…]

Which Freedom to Choose

You’ve made it. You took the step needed to head towards your dreams. You already feel free and are facing so many options. Best of all, you are free to choose any of these options. You could start something new. Or develop something old. Explore hidden talents. Or make the most of what you’re already good … [Read more…]