Heaven is Here, Now.

Most of us are brought up thinking that there is some sort of after life.  A heaven waiting for us with all the people we have loved but lost during our time on Earth. We are taught to behave and endure and believe… until the day we move on to another world, another place. A … [Read more…]

So what’s in it for you?

It may seem like a waste of time, this reading. It is not telling you what you need. Not telling you how to think. It is just here. It is not bringing you self validation. Nor is it helping you make decisions. It offers no political value. And certainly no economical gain. It will not … [Read more…]

Hair, my Hair, not Yours

Unruly, thick and frizzy is my hair. But smooth and light is what I like… And so often, I put up a fight. I do not fight my curls for vanity. Nor because of society. And I do not fear others’ thoughts and others’ preferences. In fact my love doesn’t care. Only, I do. And … [Read more…]