To rewrite history

How does one rewrite history? I’ve told myself a love story. I have believe it. Yet it wasn’t true. Now, I face the facts. Now, I see, my story is fiction. How do I rewrite a story if I hate it? I used to love our story. Then, I doubted it. Then, you told me … [Read more…]

The Idolization of Struggle

You can do it… But it will be hard. You can achieve it… But it will be difficult. And so that’s what we crave. The deep, hurtful, strenuous struggle that must come before success. Because if our story doesn’t make you cry or gasp or angry at some form of injustice, it cannot be praised. If … [Read more…]

When Travel Blurs into Life

Ah the satisfaction of emptying our suitcases for more than a couple days! I look around and already feel at home. Here, it’s worth carefully choosing a purpose for each drawer… worth taking out all of our books and organizing them on the shelf… worth finding somewhat of a permanent spot for our toothbrushes. Time … [Read more…]

All my friends…

“All” my friends are buying houses and having babies and I’m like… well I’m so happy for them! Receiving their cheerful news fills me with joy. They wanted a house and got one? Awesome! They wished for a child of their own and got one? Amazing! They sacrificed everything for their next career move? Good … [Read more…]