To rewrite history

How does one rewrite history? I’ve told myself a love story. I have believe it. Yet it wasn’t true. Now, I face the facts. Now, I see, my story is fiction. How do I rewrite a story if I hate it? I used to love our story. Then, I doubted it. Then, you told me … [Read more…]

December Down Under

It’s December 1st. And it comes as no surprise. It’s an uneasy feeling. I’m homesick. Just like every previous December that I’ve been away from family, away from snow, away from early Christmas music. I long for my home. 11 months of the year, my home is where I decide to rest my head at … [Read more…]

Young Adult, Forever a Kid

One day I turned 18. Not much changed. Small things. Silly things. I knew I was still a kid in this world. Except legally… Legally, I was an adult. I continued gaining independence but I was obviously still my parents’ child. Still a kid. Shortly after, I turned 20. Ah, the twenties! So many people … [Read more…]

When I’m Old

When I’m old I’d like to go there, she said. A twinkle in her eye. Looking at an ad, or something. She was in her eighties. And she wasn’t old yet. Not yet. I smile at the thought. Then I smile at my white hair, sprinkled here and there. And at the lines that formed … [Read more…]

Heaven is Here, Now.

Most of us are brought up thinking that there is some sort of after life.  A heaven waiting for us with all the people we have loved but lost during our time on Earth. We are taught to behave and endure and believe… until the day we move on to another world, another place. A … [Read more…]