Someone Please Explain This

It was a beautiful afternoon. The sun, having reached its highest point for the day, had started its journey down. But it still felt awfully hot. And the water was so clear, so fresh, so perfect. Every lucky soul there was enjoying the breeze, a swim, maybe even a couple of cold drinks. One might … [Read more…]

She Apologized but you could not Forgive

She turned quickly. But you were walking absentmindedly. So she ran into you. Your worlds collided for a brief instant. She apologized. Then she apologized again. You stared. You hesitated between anger and indignation. A moment passed. But the look on your face stayed with me. I attempted to read your eyes and I waited. … [Read more…]

Date Night in Paradise

I proceed to clearing my skin off any traces of sand. I carefully trim my eyebrows and truly attempt to arrange my unruly, but freshly cleaned, hair. I search through the far pockets of my backpack and find some bronzer, some concealer, which I apply lightly. Then some perfume… Old actions that were repeated so … [Read more…]

So what’s in it for you?

It may seem like a waste of time, this reading. It is not telling you what you need. Not telling you how to think. It is just here. It is not bringing you self validation. Nor is it helping you make decisions. It offers no political value. And certainly no economical gain. It will not … [Read more…]