So what’s in it for you?

It may seem like a waste of time, this reading. It is not telling you what you need. Not telling you how to think. It is just here. It is not bringing you self validation. Nor is it helping you make decisions. It offers no political value. And certainly no economical gain. It will not … [Read more…]

To the many Friendly Locals

To the smiling man who asked what I was looking for, what I needed; to the chatty woman who asked how my day was, where I’m from; to the many friendly locals whose path I crossed… I am sorry. Sorry I did not pause and listen. Sorry I did not truly engage and only provided evasive … [Read more…]

A Love Letter

I love you. But I love me too. And I’m independent. And I don’t need you. I must remain this way as to not lose your admiration, your attraction. I must love with all my heart yet not give my heart away. I must stay strong and rely on myself alone. But I’m in love … [Read more…]

Once Upon a Yoga Class

As instructed, she closed her eyes to look inside, to breathe. Most of the time, this is when thoughts came flowing in. Other times, it was all blank and the illusion of meditation was accomplished. This time though, there was an image. It was as if she was watching her soul through a window, from … [Read more…]

The Magic of Time

We believe we’ve made an amazing discovery about the general assumption that time goes faster as we get older… it turns out it’s a myth. It would seem we hold much more power over time than we think. And it can be expressed in a simple formula: slowing down life = slowing down time. We’ve … [Read more…]