The Magic of Time

We believe we’ve made an amazing discovery about the general assumption that time goes faster as we get older… it turns out it’s a myth. It would seem we hold much more power over time than we think. And it can be expressed in a simple formula: slowing down life = slowing down time. We’ve … [Read more…]

Her Friend the Ocean

She stood still, or at least tried to, on the verge of the ocean. She told the water she was here in peace and closed her eyes. She welcomed the crashing waves as one would greet lost kittens, with kindness and patience and amusement. Some waves coming slowly and gently, almost hesitant. Others more fiercely, … [Read more…]

He Makes Your Heart Shine

“If your partner can support you and help you follow your heart, help you find your passion, now that’s true love.”He said this and really meant it. His voice resonated genuinely in the cenote. His beautiful words touched our hearts and we smiled at each other. He was referring to himself, his own experience, but could … [Read more…]

Ashamed of Success

It is believed that everything and anything rewarding truly needs to be challenging. So I am here, confused. I am here living a dream, my dream, and if feels so easy. I did not have to fight. I did not have to lose everything first. I did not have to be constantly challenged. Yet, I am … [Read more…]

Like the Moon

I am here.You may see me from where you are, or not. But you know I am here. You know where to find me, where to reach me. And you remember that I was there that last time when you needed it. Today I want you to know I am still here. But a different … [Read more…]