Dispassionate Love

I love books that make you think and I love stimulating conversations. But I also love silence and spiritual speculations.

I love camping and hiking and the fresh air. But I also love a cozy blanket and fancy coffee.

I love snowboarding and snow peaks and fluffy powder. But I also love scuba diving and reefs and warm sunny days.

I love oceans and the sound of its waves. But I also love endless mountains and the deep valleys between them. And lakes, and slow or wild rivers too.

I love writing and reading but also singing and building spreadsheets.

I love to dream and get lost in crazy thoughts. But I love problem solving and logic just as much.

I love yoga but crossfit too. And I love spring water but red wine too. And I love fresh berries but cheese as well. I love so many things but am not necessarily passionate about any.

So what does that make me? Boring or bored or lazy or uninteresting? Unmotivated with lack of drive? Or maybe lost and searching for meaning? No.

Simply loving and living. And loving life.