Duality in Truth

What an adventure! There are two ways to describe what the past 3 months have been for Witch of West End. Some may say one is negative, one is positive. That one is resentful, one is hopeful. But in the end, they are both true. And we want to be honest, it was not necessarily easy. But! It was fun.


Created and launched the new website, barely driving any traffic

Struggled to find ingredients for sunscreen, ended up spending too much money on ingredients and made a mess trying to make batches on the go

Made sunscreen that is not quite up to our standards and failed to sell many due to introvert traits and lack of salesmanship

Spent time writing, eventually hating writing, then editing, and editing again, and finally posting small pieces that generated little interest

Has nothing to show except a tan and a couple of pretty pictures


Created and launched a new website with minimum assistance

Started a marketing strategy and continuously learning from trial and error

Managed to find new ingredients and make new sunscreen in a foreign country – very much outside comfort zone

Found at least one person interested in selling Witch of West End products alongside her own, which already generated one sale to a stranger

Rediscovered writing, slowly finding new voice and posting small achievements online

Nurtured body and mind while exploring a new part of the world

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