He Makes Your Heart Shine

“If your partner can support you and help you follow your heart, help you find your passion, now that’s true love.”He said this and really meant it. His voice resonated genuinely in the cenote. His beautiful words touched our hearts and we smiled at each other. He was referring to himself, his own experience, but could have been talking about us or anyone else.

Your person should want to make your dreams come true.. but it’s the dreams from the heart that matter. The dreams that involve changing everything, taking risks or taking that feared leap of faith. Stepping into the unknown with someone is caring for their heart, making sure they feel alive and find their true happiness.

Amidst his strong and fearless words, we could sense that his past worries and indecisions peacefully sat back… as if now watching his success with pride. He didn’t deny that it had been unsettling and scary. You will always have worries and indecisions at times… “But if you listen to your heart and follow what it says, there is no room for failure.” And on these words he flashed another genuine smile at us, like a gentle push from the universe we didn’t know we needed.