Heaven is Here, Now.

Most of us are brought up thinking that there is some sort of after life.  A heaven waiting for us with all the people we have loved but lost during our time on Earth. We are taught to behave and endure and believe… until the day we move on to another world, another place. A better place.

That place is said to be paradise. Somewhere so peaceful and great that it justifies any harm and challenges and pain we live today on Earth. No one has ever gone to heaven and come back to tell us about it. It must be that anyone who goes simply remains there. It must be that good.

And so most of us try and get by, be kind, and wait for the day we will have a better home. But what if we treated Earth like heaven? What if we saw the beauty of it and lived in the moment, not waiting for the next step that may or may not come? It is our current home, isn’t it?

I have lived many years not decorating my bedroom because I knew it was temporary. I did not see the point in spending time and effort making it cozy or pretty, knowing that I would be moving in a few months time. So I lived in a room that was for the most part impersonal, lacking self-expression. And I never felt truly at home.

My first favourite place to live was also temporary, but I approached it differently. I decided to put up my precious travel pictures, organize my furniture properly and call it mine. Make it mine. I loved it. I loved every moment I spent there and it remains some of my fondest memories. I also learned a valuable lesson and proceeded with the same approach when I moved to another short-term home. And I loved it there too. I didn’t know when or where I’d go next. So I made it as good as I could. While it lasted.

Earth is our home, today. We don’t know how long we’ll stay. But best treat it like heaven. If you like the ocean, go swim in it. If you prefer the mountains, climb them. We construct an image of heaven from what we know. And everything we know is found here: peace, beauty, calm, fresh air, laughter. All of it already exists. Find it. Embrace it. And take care of it… Welcome to today’s paradise.