Her Friend the Ocean

She stood still, or at least tried to, on the verge of the ocean. She told the water she was here in peace and closed her eyes. She welcomed the crashing waves as one would greet lost kittens, with kindness and patience and amusement. Some waves coming slowly and gently, almost hesitant. Others more fiercely, perhaps not aware of their own strength. The waves rocking her body back and forth, slowly burying her feet in the sand, making her feel one with the sea. Like she belonged there right at that moment. Like the ocean and her were friends from another life. Friends who had gone their separate ways but yearned to find each other again and become one.

She breathed in the salty air and it traveled her lungs like sparkles floating in a soft breeze. Shining, awakening playfulness and leaving a feeling of awe, smiling. So she smiled. At the waves of the ocean, at herself, at Mother Earth. She felt the urge to be free, to let every part of her skin feel the thousand water drops and the salty wind.

To her, that was meditation. It was letting her mind free to speak to her surroundings, without any judgment. It was nurturing the most important relationships in her life. It was stopping time. It was being empowered, yet vulnerable. It was letting the inner witch bond with her mother, the earth.