I hope this Week will go by…

I heard you say Monday you hoped the week would go by fast.

And I heard you say the other day you wished you’d see where time has gone.

I know tomorrow you’ll ask how we can make time last.

Yet next Monday, again, you’ll hope for a fast-track to the weekend.

And on and on in disagreement with yourself. Until one day there is just no more of it, no more time.

So I understand today is Sunday. And I understand you are dreading tomorrow.

But just think of how time would disappear if you were to truly live for 2 days instead of 7.

If time is what you seek, you must see that time is what Monday is too.

So have a happy, slow and memorable Monday. That will gently turn into Tuesday.

And don’t rush to the finish line because there, there won’t be any more days.