Kids Today…

Apparently kids today have it easy. That’s according to older generations of course. And if you ask the even older generation, the eldest, they’ll probably say that everyone who’s younger than them had it pretty easy too.

And that is supposedly a problem.

We work everyday to develop tools to make our lives easier. We work everyday to make this world a better one. We spend so much time thinking of new ways to make our tasks and our work faster and easier. Ways to reduce human duties. Ways to save time. Think automatic vacuums. Dishwashers. Computers. Even washing machines and driers. Soon, automatic cars. Robots. It all makes our life “easier”. Now, they didn’t have all that… back in the day.

We convince ourselves that we do it for our children. For their future. In order to spend more time with them. To spend more time on vacation. To enjoy life more. For the good of future generations.

But then when our children or other people’s children have an easier life than we did, we get angry. Because they know nothing. They’re lazy. They don’t know how to work hard. If only they knew what it was like… back in the day. If only they knew what real life was like. Right?

Whoever you are, however old you are, you have it easier than another generation. And that’s ok. What is not ok is to contribute to this hypocrite trend of hating youth for enjoying the life we worked so hard to create for them.

I hope that in some way, I will make this world a better a place. And I hope that one day my children, or their children, or their children’s children can live a stress-free, easy, laid-back life. Then I shall be happy. Not angry.


  1. Johanne Desjardins

    Le texte est bon et la photo est bonne c’est merveilleux la façon que tu t’exprime
    Continue ton bon travail.

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