Life Challenges, like Waves of the Ocean

This time she wasn’t in the water. She was watching the horizon calmly. Smiling at all who were playing with the waves of the beautiful ocean. They, too, were smiling. They were handling the crashing waves, each in their own way. As the water rose powerfully in front of them, ready to come down in a thunder, they each reacted differently.

Some dove right in, unhesitant, head first. So quick, so empowering. Others let their whole body rise up with the ocean, keeping their head out of the water and their feet floating softly. So smooth, so relaxing, literally going with the flow. And most of them stood still, muscles engaged, eyes fierce… or eyes closed, aware of the challenge. Maybe face on, maybe sideways, or even turning their back, bracing for the impact. Then, they barely seemed to move as the water stormed all around them, onto them. They appeared to be pushing through a wall, with all their might, allowing only the faintest struggle to be visible.

Regardless of their approach, they all resurfaced on the other side smiling, ready for the next wave. And if the water, with all its strength, threw any one of them to the sand below, well, they simply got back up.

We’re all in this big ocean together. And we all have our share of its waves. She knew that in her life she had faced the waves in each and every way she saw today. She also knew that in the end, the waves would always come crashing down, regardless of her approach. And she knew she too had resurfaced on the other side, and would continue to do so. But she wasn’t always smiling. In reality, it seemed most people didn’t smile through the whole experience. But a few did… and she felt a very deep admiration for them.