Love is Love

We go out of our way to control. Our thoughts, our actions, our feelings… We don’t allow ourselves to get lost in our thoughts too long; we control our actions as to always do the right thing; and we don’t allow our emotions to take over our thoughts or our actions.
But that isn’t enough.

We also control other people… what they should think, what is important, what is not; what good values are and what is bad or evil. And then we control their actions. We punish the bad and praise the good. If an action affects us we claim our right to control it. And then there’s other’s feelings… we even decide who should feel what and why or how.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to control love. Love, which has never caused more harm than good. Love, which is born naturally and doesn’t need to be learned. Love, which can ease hardship and pain and hatred. Love, which can move mountains, save lives and give hope.
Even love needs to be controlled.

For apparently, one cannot love just anyone. One must love within the rules. One must love in a certain way. And any other way, we decided, isn’t love at all. But to judge love and categorize it, to control it, is against what love really is. And to stop a certain love seems absurd. Incomprehensible.

It hurts to see people stop love, whether it’s their own or someone else’s. And it hurts to witness anger and hatred towards love. But above all, it is scary to see people wanting to control such a beautiful and good feeling when there is hunger and violence around. So in a world filled with acts of hatred, should we not let love, any love, grow?

If we no longer have the right to love someone because of who they are, should we not worry about our own freedom… ?

Love and be loved. Because love is love. And love is beautiful.