Once Upon a Yoga Class

As instructed, she closed her eyes to look inside, to breathe. Most of the time, this is when thoughts came flowing in. Other times, it was all blank and the illusion of meditation was accomplished. This time though, there was an image. It was as if she was watching her soul through a window, from above. There was a warm light, a lot of energy…  She was peeking through a secret opening and seeing a vast array of character traits “hanging out”. The good, the bad. The kindness and positivism; the fears and anger. The patience and the short temper. So much love but envy and laziness as well. It seemed “everyone”, every quality, was having a good time together, uncategorized. The good traits oblivious that some of their companions were labelled as bad. Or perhaps they were simply accepting of all the negative traits. Either way, the party seemed pleasant, even delightful. It was definitely inviting.

She found herself drawn in, she wanted to be part of it. She wanted to get closer, hoping she could hear or even share the laughter and bathe in the captivating light… until she realized it was not possible to join the party. She was the party. She was the medley of good and bad. It was her soul, her self, that she was watching. With that realization, the image was getting clearer. She understood that there would always be some bad traits at the party but that it didn’t matter as long as they were under control, gently tagging along. They could not cause much trouble if the good stood with open arms and open minds, willing to help. In that moment she knew that only patience, kindness and love could help her fears, her anger, her short temper to be better, more considerate… And she also knew that it was pointless, or even dangerous, to ally a bad trait to another… it would allow them to ruin the party!

Suddenly, but softly, she felt herself being pulled from the secret window. Further and further until she was back in the yoga studio. The practice had ended with an invaluable gift. A gift of understanding and acceptance. She might not see the window and the party anymore but she still saw the meaning of it all.