Now that you’re gone

Today, it’s like nothing has changed but everything is different. You are not here anymore, yet you’re everywhere now… In the wind, the sun, the ocean. In the cute little birds crossing my path and in the smiles and laughter of strangers. You’re supporting me through the ground I walk on. You’re looking after me … [Read more…]

Well, me too.

Where to start? For an issue that affects my friends, most women, and yes, men too, and myself, and inevitably my future children. We ask, why? Why it happens? Is it culture? Society? Objectification through the media and a lifelong “training”? It seems so deep, so complex, it is overwhelming. We are judged for not covering … [Read more…]

Kids Today…

Apparently kids today have it easy. That’s according to older generations of course. And if you ask the even older generation, the eldest, they’ll probably say that everyone who’s younger than them had it pretty easy too. And that is supposedly a problem. We work everyday to develop tools to make our lives easier. We … [Read more…]

Love is Love

We go out of our way to control. Our thoughts, our actions, our feelings… We don’t allow ourselves to get lost in our thoughts too long; we control our actions as to always do the right thing; and we don’t allow our emotions to take over our thoughts or our actions. But that isn’t enough. … [Read more…]

The Idolization of Struggle

You can do it… But it will be hard. You can achieve it… But it will be difficult. And so that’s what we crave. The deep, hurtful, strenuous struggle that must come before success. Because if our story doesn’t make you cry or gasp or angry at some form of injustice, it cannot be praised. If … [Read more…]