Date Night in Paradise

I proceed to clearing my skin off any traces of sand. I carefully trim my eyebrows and truly attempt to arrange my unruly, but freshly cleaned, hair. I search through the far pockets of my backpack and find some bronzer, some concealer, which I apply lightly. Then some perfume… Old actions that were repeated so … [Read more…]

So what’s in it for you?

It may seem like a waste of time, this reading. It is not telling you what you need. Not telling you how to think. It is just here. It is not bringing you self validation. Nor is it helping you make decisions. It offers no political value. And certainly no economical gain. It will not … [Read more…]

The Night Before You Stole From Me

If you think something strongly enough of someone, of a place, they will prove you right. And the night before you stole from me, I said I didn’t want to spend time in your city. That I didn’t want to trust people around where you live. Because I believed something bad would happen. I believed … [Read more…]

Dispassionate Love

I love books that make you think and I love stimulating conversations. But I also love silence and spiritual speculations. I love camping and hiking and the fresh air. But I also love a cozy blanket and fancy coffee. I love snowboarding and snow peaks and fluffy powder. But I also love scuba diving and reefs … [Read more…]

To the many Friendly Locals

To the smiling man who asked what I was looking for, what I needed; to the chatty woman who asked how my day was, where I’m from; to the many friendly locals whose path I crossed… I am sorry. Sorry I did not pause and listen. Sorry I did not truly engage and only provided evasive … [Read more…]