She Apologized but you could not Forgive

She turned quickly. But you were walking absentmindedly. So she ran into you. Your worlds collided for a brief instant. She apologized. Then she apologized again. You stared. You hesitated between anger and indignation. A moment passed. But the look on your face stayed with me.

I attempted to read your eyes and I waited. But no sound came from you. Only the heartfelt apologetic words hung in the air around us. In that busy street, on that sunny day. You had nothing to add. You only stared, dismissing the apologies. You would not forgive. And that made me angry.

You ignored the genuine words of someone I love. You looked down at her as if you were superior. She was joyfully walking with me and had nothing but love and laughs but you somehow made it seem like an attack.

Worlds will continue to brush against one another. And people and events will continue to cross your path. It is up to you to decide how it will affect you and how you will respond. She responded lightheartedly when you entered her world. And this difference is why I love her but was angry with you.

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