Sorcery Tips

Spent a bit too much time in the sun and your aloe vera isn’t very satisfying? 

TIP to soothe: If you’re somewhere warm, mix your aloe vera with coconut oil in a pump bottle. Coconut oil melts at 24-25 Celcius degrees so it becomes more difficult to apply on its own. Shake before each use and enjoy the benefit of your aloe vera with the moisturizing oil! If you’re somewhere cooler, you can at least store your aloe vera in the fridge for a fresher application.

Using one of the products but it got a heatstroke and is now too soft/runny for convenient use?

TIP to fix it: Store it in the fridge 12 hours! It should go back to its original texture.. as long as it stays at room temperature afterwards. In fact, you can put it in the fridge any time. This helps preserving it longer.

Finished one of our amazing body butters and not sure what to do with the pretty container?

TIP to please your wallet and Mother Nature: Contact us to find out how we can refill it with your favourite product (at a discounted price!). Alternatively, you can wash it and use to store jewellery, spices, snacks, or secrets!




Need more tips? Send us your questions or issues and we shall deliver!