The Magic of Time

We believe we’ve made an amazing discovery about the general assumption that time goes faster as we get older… it turns out it’s a myth. It would seem we hold much more power over time than we think. And it can be expressed in a simple formula: slowing down life = slowing down time.

We’ve all seen time fly, lost time, wasted time. But we seem to forget that this is (mostly) under our control. We’re constantly making decisions that affect the way time will pass. It makes sense that if we don’t stop for a moment, we will not see where time goes. To slow it down, we simply need to give it some attention. In acknowledging time and how we spend it, we can start befriending it.

There is something peaceful about watching time pass. Simply breathing. Or smiling. Or observing a special moment around us, within us. Just being. Whether it’s every morning, for 1 minute every hour of a work day, or at least once in a while… it can make a difference. We’re obviously not denying the invigorating feeling of losing track of time in doing something we’re passionate about.. but even that deserves the occasional break. Even if just to reflect, to be grateful.

We also often say that we “make time” for something. So if we can lose and waste time, why couldn’t we also chose to make more of it..?