To rewrite history

How does one rewrite history?

I’ve told myself a love story. I have believe it. Yet it wasn’t true.

Now, I face the facts. Now, I see, my story is fiction.

How do I rewrite a story if I hate it?

I used to love our story. Then, I doubted it. Then, you told me your story. And thus destroyed mine. Forever.

You took my great love story away from me. You tore it apart. Broke it to pieces. Like my trust. Like my heart.

How do I fall in love with a story I hate?


Once upon a time, there was a princess. She lived happily in between the mountains and the sea. She was a dreamer and had many, many dreams. Of faraway land, of outdoor adventures, and of great love.

Though her heart had been broken, she has pieced it back together. She had rebuilt it, stronger, bigger. And she felt ready for her prince, her great love.

Shortly thereafter, she encountered a man from down under. A quiet part of her seemed to know a secret. About this man being her great love. So, she was patient with him. She persisted. Through the hurt, the uncertainties, the blocks, the closed doors. She loved. She dreamed. She taught her man how to love – big, how to dream – bigger. She showed him how to believe, how important it was to believe. She changed both their lives forever and, she thought, for the better.

But another quiet part of her, which questioned the resistance and worried about the exhausting journey, had been ignored. Wrongly. For so long. Too long. Until it was too late. The princess had opened her whole heart for a story she had never dreamed of, nor ever wanted. She had wanted to be loved, fully, quickly, truthfully. She had yearned for a mutual spark that lights an eternal fire. Instead, she had chased smoke through the fog. In search of a flame escaping with the wind… which she only caught up with from persistence. No one chased the princess. No one persisted for her, opened up like her.

Once upon a time, there was a princess. She had a love story, a sad love story. A story she fought for, then hoped she could change. But she couldn’t.

The end.