Which Freedom to Choose

You’ve made it. You took the step needed to head towards your dreams. You already feel free and are facing so many options. Best of all, you are free to choose any of these options. You could start something new. Or develop something old. Explore hidden talents. Or make the most of what you’re already good at. Which one will it be? And how will you do it? How long will it take? Can you afford the time, the initial cost?

Do you prefer the freedom to move around to the freedom that financial safety offers? Perhaps you long for the freedom to manage your own time, your own team, your own ideas? Or is it the freedom to not have to worry about anyone or anything that you fancy most? You might like the idea of the freedom to change careers carelessly… but are not ready to let go of society’s definition of a “proper” career?

The feeling of freedom suddenly becomes suffocating. Too many options, too many opportunities for failure… The universe seems to be waiting for you to make up your mind. After all, that’s all it needs to help you with your dreams. But you feel an incredible weight on your shoulders as you ponder on each possible scenario of your future life. You close your eyes and try to ignore it all. You soak up the sun, inhale the salty air and search for that initial feeling of freedom you felt. But it has turned bitter sweet.

You can almost hear Time ticking away. The very same Time you thought you had befriended. Make a decision. What will it be? Now that you have everything… time, freedom, love, support, what are you waiting for? Would it be that you still don’t know what you want..?

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