Who is the Witch

An ordinary girl who finds magic in nature and believes that you can too. An ally of Mother Nature, a Citizen of the World and a Wild Dreamer. A woman who wishes to inspire you.

I am French Canadian and have lived in various places around Canada in the UK, Australia, Mexico and New Zealand. I fall into the Millennials category, have a flexitarian diet and am in love with love. I have a thing for slow travel, all things navy blue and white, and business analysis too.

One of my secrets to happiness is balance: finding balance in every aspect of one’s life. From food to work to friends and family.

Another secret: living true to one’s values. Which in my case means respecting others and the Earth, being honest, not eating unhappy animals…

I keep adding to my dreams list and keep making my dreams come true! Some things left on the list: adopting a husky, visiting the tree protected under my name in the Amazon, growing my hair very long, living on a boat, writing a book, owning a Westfalia and a tiny house.