Witch of West End is Chasing the Sun

It’s a calling we’ve all heard before. It seems to come from the heart, sometimes from the whole body. It’s a call for change but not any change. It’s asking for a new sun. A much warmer one. A much needed one.

Some might chose to ignore it and, often, it will pass… temporarily. Others will accept it, listen to its inviting reasoning and make a booking. They’ll consider their options and settle for a week, or two, sometimes more, in the hopes that when they must return, the calling will have subsided. This can go on and on over months, years. It’s accepted as part of normality. It is encouraged, even.

A handful, however, will hear the calling and take it differently. Much too seriously, perhaps? If it comes through the heart strong enough, it can overpower the mind and lead to much bigger changes. There is still a consideration of the options. There is still a booking. There isn’t, though, a deadline. And that is the exciting part, or the scary part. These decisions are either appraised or frowned upon. Sometimes they even generate an unfounded envy. But truthfully, no excuse other than a disagreeing heart is a good one. Especially if the aim is to go chasing the sun.

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